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The Auld Dubliner

Weekly Events

Happy Monday
Happy Monday

Let’s start this week off strong & smiling!
Do you know why we love Mondays so much? Because on Monday between 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. we give you a 10% discount on all beers. Come to Auld Dubliner on Monday and start the new week on a positive note!

Pub Quiz
Pub Quiz

The time has come! Our legendary The Auld Dubliner Pub Quiz Night starts Monday
You can expect a great atmosphere and fantastic drinks but the best thing about it, you can have your knowledge tested in many areas and have plenty of fun.
There are so many reasons to be here for our quiz and you can also win great prizes.

In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas

Feel like a King or Queen in France or Caesar in Rome on a Tuesday at The Auld Dubliner in Clarastrasse. Get a 15% discount on all wines and sparkling wines between 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Wing Night
Wing Night

We invite you to try the chef's incredible wings!
On Tuesdays only, you can order 1 wing for CHF 1. We're waiting for food lovers!

Ladies Night
Ladies Night

Dubliner Ladies Night
Girls, Girls, Girls,
Whether you're wearing yellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight to your night.
All Ladies get a 15 % discount on wine, Prosecco and beer between 4 p.m. and midnight.

Bartender's Choice
Bartender's Choice

No matter how you feel, we know exactly what you need. We accompany you carefully through the middle of the week where our bartenders will serve you 3 surprise cocktails chosen by them to you.


After-Work-Party at The Auld Dubliner
Every Thursday! Out of the office, into the party!
Buy a pitcher and you get Auld Dubliner Finger Food for Free.
(We serve with the pitcher: 2 Wings, 2 Onion Rings and Wedges)

Music Bingo
Music Bingo

Join us for a great night of gourmet food, thirst-quenching drinks, exceptional music and of course endless laughter at Music Bingo at the Auld Dubliner Pub.


Sing your songs all night long. 80,000 songs want to be sung by you! Sing like Whitney Houston or do a show like Freddie Mercury and we will celebrate with you like you are Michael Jackson! Singing, laughter and fun with us here on Thursday evenings.

Irish Music at Auld Dubliner Pub
Irish Music at Auld Dubliner Pub

Why do we love Irish people and their Irish pubs? -
There is something so warm and welcoming about the Irish which makes visiting an Irish bar a special thing, no matter where you are in the world.
Try Guinness or Whiskey for the first time, listen to live Irish folk bands, watch your favorite sports teams or tuck-in to a traditional Irish breakfast.

Pub Music at Auld Dubliner Pub
Pub Music at Auld Dubliner Pub

The Auld Dubliner is a new live music bar in Kleinbasel.
Every Saturday you can enjoy live pub music with us.
We serve with it expertly-crafted cocktails, an impressive array of fruits, liqueurs and fiery spirits. Our bartenders are capable of making every and any drink you desire and promise to cater for every mood or taste you might have. Head down with your mates and loved ones, grab a cocktail, and enjoy all the pub music live here at The Auld Dubliner.

after birthday celebration
After Birthday Celebrations
Happy Birthday to You
Anyone who can show that they had a birthday during the week before visiting will receive a bottle of Prosecco to take home with them as a gift, if you reserve a table for at least 4 people.
9:30 p.m. - Midnight
Burger & Pint Day
Burger & Pint Day

Sunday is the best day for burger and beer lovers!
Your choice of burger with fries + 0.5 L beer of your choice only for 32 CHF.
We look forward to seeing you every Sunday!

Murder Quiz
Murder Quiz

Do you want to tickle your nerves and have a good time? We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Murder Quiz.
Be the first to find the murder and win a 50 Fr. voucher.

Irish Traditional Session
Irish Traditional Session

Come and enjoy the atmosphere in a real Irish pub in Basel with many talented musicians that meet in this corner of World to share their common interests and love for music with us. Drop in and have a pint whilst listening to our Sunday sessions.
The music is not put on for a show. Musicians and singers share songs, tunes and skills that keep the tradition alive, everyone is welcome.
Bring your favorite instrument, don't forget the certificate and the good mood that makes Sundays at the Auld Dubliner truly unique.
Come in and find out more, between 6:30 p.m - 11:00 p.m

Events Categories
Select the category you need and check out our events for the next month. We organize events every day and put them on schedule, so stay tuned.

We at the Auld Dubliner pub take pride in our hospitality and cosy atmosphere. That’s why we have put together weekly events for you so you can join us for all different experiences to be had, regardless of what style night or day you enjoy having out. All of our weekly events are well thought out for various groups of people and we always strive to do our best to meet the most detailed of requirements for our visitors. We offer you, our customers and friends the best food made of the highest quality ingredients sourced locally and strive to deliver to you the best culture pub atmosphere in Switzerland.

We are always looking at ways to give our respected and valued customers the best service and nights out possible so make sure to come down to the Auld Dubliner pub as we are sure that we’ll have something on that’s just perfect for you, your family, you colleagues and friends.

We Love Burger Day – At the Auld Dubliner Pub, we know our customers should expect the highest quality when it comes to their burgers as we also share those expectations with you. It is for this very reason that we only use the finest ingredients, along with putting plenty of heart, soul and care into every burger prepared. Come on down and let us know what you think of the best burgers in Basel.

Testing Night – Our mission for this event is to enlighten people on how best to drink their whiskeys, as well as sharing with our customers the different variations of whiskey, how to identify the different tastes and flavours of each kind and style and of course to find your favourite type of whiskey through understanding just how you like it. Maybe you’ll help us settle an age old debate on what the best kind of whiskey is. So why not come on down and take part, we’d value your input on this rumbling debate.

Student Night – We are always thinking of each and every one of our customers and of course, we know exactly what it is like to be a student focused on their studies whilst balancing their finances. That’s why we made a real effort to offer local students some fantastic deals to ensure you don’t miss out on what we have to offer. Come to the Auld Dubliner pub and get 20% off of everything. Let our best cooks take care of you at a reasonable price, just because you’re thinking of your future doesn’t mean you should miss out on your present. We look forward to welcoming you to the Auld Dubliner pub…..

Culture Pub

Pub Quiz. We think pub quizzes are a great way to make the most of a weeknight, be it with family, friends, colleagues or a date, even on your own if this is what you prefer. Why not put your wits to good and enjoyable use. With great food and drink served and available during our quizzes, we are sure you’ll have a great time seeing just how well you can do.

Music Bingo. Music Bingo is a fun filled and fast paced take on traditional bingo, but with a twist! Music Bingo is just like regular bingo, only more exciting and with plenty of laughs to be had. We at the Auld Dubliner are happy to see everyone enjoying themselves, having a great craic in our homely establishment. Even if music isn’t your thing or not your passion, the enjoyment had during this game is for everyone and we are sure you’ll love taking part. Everyone is welcome here at the Auld Dubliner.

Ladies Night. On this special night, all girls get a 20% discount on everything! Yes, that’s right, everything! We have put together a wonderful weekly ladies night with fantastic drink specials just for our ladies. Come and see what it’s all about; we are sure it’ll be an unforgettable experience, guaranteed.

Karaoke – Karaoke is one of the most popular ways people come together in a pub to share laughs, memories and smiles. Our pub original Karaoke venue is equipped with high end professional equipment and features special décor that adds personality to our establishment and evenings. Why not come and share your favourite songs with all of us, you never know we may just be the place to see a new music star come of age. Come enjoy laughter, music and fun with us here at the Auld Dubliner Irish Pub.

All You Can Eat – We at the Auld Dubliner don’t sacrifice quality in favour of quantity. Step into our welcoming pub every Thursday to enjoy our famous All You Can Eat Day. If you’re in the mood for eating and eating a lot, you know the place to be on Thursdays. With our friendly atmosphere, neck back a few cool ones and kick back with no stresses about what the food bill might come to because on All You Can Eat Day, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

Wine Discount days – Friday is the best time to relax, have a drink and a good laugh with your friends, family or colleagues. Here at the Auld Dubliner we offer you only the best of wines on the list at a fantastic 20% discount. If wine isn’t for you and you’d prefer a fizzy drink instead, the same discount will apply. With hand selected wine lists from our trusted team members, we offer a fantastic selection of tastes and experiences at very reasonable and considered prices. Come savour our splendid selection of wines and relax in our cosy, tailored and unique atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you at the Auld Dubliner Pub on Fridays.

We think that weekly events are a great way to break the week up and to offer our valued customers a different kind of evening to the next. We are sure you will all absolutely love our weekends and to make sure you feel like we are your home away from home, we really hope you join us for our carefully selected and exciting weekly events. Be it a live band, ladies night or a quiz, we welcome you always through our doors.

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