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The Auld Dubliner

St. Andrews Day

Every Year: 30.11
Start: 11:30
If you love Scottish culture, music and food, St. Andrews Day is a great way to embrace your Scottish interests! Every November 30th, Scottish people all over the world gather to celebrate St. Andrew, Scotland's patron saint. If you aren't Scottish, you can still join us and celebrate St. Andrews Day like those that call Scotland home.
Come and spend the day with your friends or family at The Auld Dubliner on Clarastr.
We'll serve Scottish finger food and Scottish whisky, but not only this. At 8 o'clock traditional, live bagpipe music played by a Scottish bagpiper will become a part of our celebrations.
Reserve your table today and celebrate St. Andrews Day with us
Other Events
Black and White Party
Black and White Party

Come to the ultimate black and white party here at The Auld Dubliner.
Dress up in black, dress up in white, why not dress in both to show you creative side? Our DJ and entertainment for the night will make for an unforgettable evening of enjoyment, with the best outfit winning a dinner for two.

Brendan Wade
Brendan Wade

Brendan Wade is currently one of the most sought-after and important professional musicians from Ireland with current residence in Switzerland.

Sean Issac & Band The Sound of Irish Banjo
Sean Issac & Band The Sound of Irish Banjo

In 2002, I discovered Irish music for the first time for myself and then founded my first band. In various projects and sessions, I gained a lot of experience, played various instruments and finally fell in love with the banjo.
In 2018, I started my solo project to present the exciting and lively Irish tunes with the banjo.

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