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The Auld Dubliner
Choose the sport you want and watch all the matches that we will show in the pub on the big TV.
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Irish Sports Pub

Sure, there are a lot of places that host sport events, to sit and watch a game with the lads and lasses. But are any of them an authentic Irish pub? Whatever major sport you prefer to watch, we’ve got 27 televisions for you to see the match from any angle.

With a very comfortable sports bar lounge, you can order a nice tall draught beer from the bar and enjoy! As your local sports bar, we won’t judge too harshly when you start shouting at the match, you hooligan.

The Best Sports Bar in Basel

Not only can you watch matches, you can also find yourself some of the best draught beer while doing so. In Switzerland, sports bars are usually a bit too formal. In a sports pub, you’re in your public house. Get comfortable, grab a stool, shout at the television, and this sports bar’s a restaurant, too.

Are you an expatriate? We have events for the National Football League’s American football games. What about rugby? We’ve got that too. Are you a football fan? Of course, we’ve got that.

Come one in and sit at a stool or table, or make reservations for the next sports event you’re excited for. We’ll see you there!

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The Auld Dubliner
The Auld Dubliner
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