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The Auld Dubliner

Music Bingo

Every Thursday
Start: 18:30
The time has come, look forward to the legendary Auld Dubliner Music Bingo Night with us.
What is Music Bingo?
Instead of normal bingo numbers, Music Bingo plays the best songs that get you thinking, and singing along!
The game is simple. Listen to the music and mark the right songs to your mobile bingo card.
When you get all the songs right shout out: "BINGO!" And we have a winner!
The rules:
- The winner is the player that shouts out "Bingo!" the fastest and has the right songs
- If the winner cannot be decided by speed, the host can decide the winner with a raffle
- One player can have only one bingo sheet at a time
- The prizes are handed out by the venue
The prizes:
There are 4 rounds. Each round has 4 prizes. So, there are a total of 16 prizes to be won. One prize = a voucher for 5 francs.

Join us for a great night of gourmet food, thirst-quenching drinks, exceptional music and of course endless laughter at Music Bingo at the Auld Dubliner Pub.

Are you someone who enjoys Bingo in its usual form? If so we are sure you will love Music Bingo. With classic songs old and new Music Bingo is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of special times in our lives, leaving us not only having fun and laughter but reminiscing about those times in life we live for and remember. Music Bingo combines all-time favourite tunes with some fun themes throughout decades gone by, with a classic game making for a great atmosphere and experience to be had by all.

The rules are simple: all you need to do is to guess the melody. We have 4 rounds and each round has 4 winners. With great prizes awarded to the winners and great music to feel nostalgic about, fun is guaranteed for all.

Do you love music? Maybe you consider it your passion or perhaps just someone who appreciates how a good tune can make feet tap on the floor. Why not come and test your music knowledge and compete against friends and patrons in our fun music themed game. With regular updates on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, if you win why not show the social media world that your knowledge is second to none when it comes to rock n roll, the blues, jazz and every other genre we’ll be testing you on. There are 4 rounds and each round has 4 winners for a total of 16 prizes. Prizes range from 5-10 franc vouchers and a fun time will be had by all, we are absolutely sure.

Even if music isn’t your passion or strong point, we are always welcoming and it’s always easy to just sit with us, take part and have fun at the Auld Dubliner. Everyone is welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Auld Dubliner Pub.

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Guillem Gené
Guillem Gené

Guillem Gené is a Catalan musician, Barcelona born and bred, experienced in playing crowd pleasers spanning many decades, generes and even languages while bringing his own distinctive flair to the performance and the songs. Having played in pubs around Barcelona and Europe for more than 10 years he is skilled at interacting and having fun with all kinds of audiences.

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